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Payout Rules

Each member who has funds available in his Vacation Holiday Plan account is eligible to make withdrawals upon demand prior to the December 1st annual distribution date.  However, in order to allow administrative processing time for the annual distribution, no withdrawals can be made after November 1st for work periods prior to the immediately preceding July 1st.

Members must complete a withdrawal application form which can be obtained from the Las Vegas or Pasadena Fund Offices, any Union District Office, through the mail or by clicking and printing the document below.

Application for Withdrawal of Benefits

The completed application can be mailed or faxed to the Fund Office or dropped off in person.  The member’s signature on all Vacation Holiday Fund withdrawal applications that are faxed or mailed in must be witnessed.  If the withdrawal application is faxed from a Local 12 District Office, it can be witnessed by the Local 12 employee assisting you. If the withdrawal application is mailed in or faxed from other than a Local 12 office, the application must be witnessed by a Business Agent or notarized by a notary.

For walk-in applications brought in by the member to the Pasadena or Las Vegas Trust Fund Offices, a valid form of picture ID will be required.  If a member wishes to authorize his spouse to pick up a Vacation Holiday check, the withdrawal application must be witnessed by a Business Agent or notarized and accompanied by a letter authorizing the spouse to pick up the check.  The authorization letter must be current-dated, signed by the member and notarized.

Payments Upon a Participant’s Death

If a Participant dies with money remaining in his account, the money will be paid to the beneficiary designated by the Participant on the Designation of Beneficiary form approved by the Trustees.

If no beneficiary is named or if the beneficiary is deceased or cannot be located within two years after the Participant’s death, the money will be paid to the Participant’s surviving spouse.  If there is no spouse, the money will be paid to the Participant’s estate if heirs to the estate are identified.  In cases where there is no beneficiary, spouse or estate with heirs, the money will be retained by the Plan.

Payments on Behalf of an Incapacitated Participant

If a Participant is unable to handle his own affairs because or mental or physical incapacity, the Trustees will make payment of the money in the Participant’s account to such person or in such manner as the Trustees decide will be best for the Participant.

A Participant is also entitled to make a withdrawal based on evidence satisfactory to the Trustees that he has a terminal illness.

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