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Important Things for You to Do

Keep your mailing address updated.

You must keep the Fund Office informed of any change in your mailing address in order that you receive communications from the Fund Office and Mass Mutual. All mailings will be made to the last known mailing address on record at the Fund Office. For mailing address, phone number, and website, refer to Fund Office.

A change of address will not be made by the Fund Office unless the change is in writing and is signed by you. A change of mailing address cannot be accepted by telephone.

The Fund Office and the Union Office are two separate and distinct entities.

You must provide separate notification to both of any change in your mailing address.

Keep your pay stubs

The accuracy and completeness of the hours of your work is an essential element in determining the amount of your Individual Account balance. The quarterly statements you receive from Mass Mutual will show all of the contributions credited to your Individual Account in the preceding calendar quarter.

For example, the report you receive for the period ending March 31, will show all contributions received and credited to your account in January, February, and March.

It is important to understand that employer contributions are made by employers in the month following the month in which work is actually performed.

For example, when you receive the statement covering the period closing March 31, the statement will reflect contributions credited to your Individual Account for hours worked in December, January, and February. Credits to your individual account for hours worked during March will be shown on the quarterly statement you receive for the period ending in June.

If you believe you have not been credited with all required contributions you should contact the Fund Office.

Designation of Beneficiaries

So long as you are legally married, the law requires that your spouse receive the benefits from the Plan unless your spouse has executed, during your marriage, a notarized document permitting you to name someone else as your designated beneficiary. Whenever you marry or divorce, it is extremely important that you complete a new Designation of Beneficiary form and file it with the Fund Office. If you are not married, you may change your designated beneficiary at any time by filing a new Designation of Beneficiary form with the Fund Office. The form is available from the Fund Office and on the Plan’s website (www.oefi.org).

Additional questions and account balance

If you have any additional questions about the Plan, and your rights and benefits under it, contact the Fund Office. Should you wish to check on your Individual Account balance, you may do so by calling Mass Mutual at (800) 743-5274, or logging into Mass Mutual’s website at: www.retiresmart.com.

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