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Pension Eligibility Requirements

The following chart outlines the age and service requirements for each type of pension under the Plan.

Pension Plans: Age and Service Requirements
Pension Type Age Service Requirement
Regular 62 or older
Early 55 or older but younger than 62 Same as Regular Pension
Service 60 or older 30 years of service without a Break in Employment and 30,000 hours in this Plan.

A year of service for this purpose means each year of Prior Pension Credit and each Plan Year in which you have at least one hour.

Disability Younger than 62
  • ½ of one Current Pension Credit or 500 hours on or before June 30, 1978; or
  • 6 Current Pension Credits or 6,000 hours; or
  • Vested

Additional Requirements:

  1. You have not elected to receive and you are not eligible for disability benefits under the Operating Engineers Health & Welfare Fund, and
  2. You do not have a Break in Employment for failing to have 500 hours in three Plan Years unless you are credited with 3,000 hours after the Break, and
  3. You do not have a Break in Employment because you worked for a Non-Contributing Employer unless you are credited with 6,000 hours after the Break, and
  4. You have 500 hours reported in the last 24 months preceding your Pension Effective Date,* and
  5. You are Totally and Permanently Disabled.
Pro Rata See Pro Rata Pensions See Pro Rata Pensions

* If you are Totally and Permanently Disabled, you must have 500 hours in the 24 months preceding the effective date of your Social Security Disability Award or in the 24 months preceding the date you are determined to be Totally and Permanently Disabled based on medical evidence.

Revised 08/2021