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Checklist: Things for You to Do

If you move

Keep the Fund Office informed of any change in your mailing address to ensure you receive our communications. All mailings from the Fund Office will be made to the last known address on record at the Fund Office. Refer to the Fund Office for our mailing address, phone numbers, and website address.

A change of address will not be accepted by the Fund Office unless the change is in writing and signed by the Participant. A change of address cannot be accepted by telephone.

For your protection, pension checks cannot be forwarded. They will be returned to the Fund Office if your address is not up to date. Once three pension checks have been returned, your pension will be suspended until your address is updated with the Fund Office. This is true even if you are having your checks directly deposited into your bank account.

The Fund Office and the Union Office are two separate entities. You must notify both offices separately of any change of address.

If you are thinking about retirement

Contact the Fund Office by phone or in writing to get an application package. If you are married, you will automatically receive an estimate of the amount of your benefits under the various optional forms of payment along with the application package. If you are not married, there is only one form of payment available to you – the Single Life Annuity.

You will need to provide copies of certain documents. The Fund Office can tell you what you will need. Your pension cannot be effective prior to the date your completed Application is received by the Fund Office. Therefore, we encourage you to contact the Fund Office at least three months before the month you want your pension to be effective.

If your marital status changes

If you are divorced, your former Spouse may be entitled to a portion of your pension. Under federal law, the Plan must comply with any order issued by the state court that is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). If you or your attorney have any questions or would like assistance before the QDRO is finalized please contact the Fund Office.

Keep your records

The accuracy and completeness of the records of your work is an important factor in determining eligibility, for and the amount of, your pension. You can protect yourself by checking the work records you receive such as payroll check stubs until you are sure you have been credited with that work.

You will receive a statement from the Fund Office each year showing the amount of hours reported by each employer for whom you worked. Review this annual statement carefully and report any errors to the Fund Office immediately.

Designate a beneficiary

For the protection of the person or persons you want to receive the Plan’s death benefits, be sure that you complete a Designation of Beneficiary Form and file it with the Fund Office. You may change your beneficiary at any time by filing a new form. The Designation of Beneficiary Form is available from the Fund Office, the Union Office, or the Plan’s website, www.oefi.org.

Save this publication

Save this publication on your computer or device in a safe file folder. This booklet is also available on the Plan’s website, www.oefi.org.

Additional questions? Ask the Fund Office or visit the Plan’s website

Contact the Fund Office with any questions you have about the Plan and your rights and benefits under it. You can also check on your Pension Credits and get an estimate of your monthly pension at:

Operating Engineers Pension Plan
100 Corson Street, Suite 100
Pasadena, CA 91103
(866) 400-5200

You can also get information about the Plan and download Pension Plan forms on the Plan’s website at: www.oefi.org.