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Some Questions and Answers About the Plan

How does the Plan identify me?

The Fund Office uses the Social Security Number or the Plan identification number (OEID No.) of the Participant as identification for all transactions. The Union Register Number is also used as a cross reference. The employee’s Social Security Number or OE ID No. should be included on any correspondence you submit to the Fund Office. A missing Social Security Number or OEID No. can significantly delay transactions.

Who administers the Plan?

The Plan is administered by a Board of Trustees made up equally of representatives of the Employer Associations and I.U.O.E., Local 12. The actions of the Board in administering the Plan are governed by a Trust Agreement which provides that all money paid into the Pension Trust or earned by the Pension Trust can be used only for the purpose of providing benefits for Plan Participants and beneficiaries and for reasonable expenses in administering the Plan.

Who is covered by the Plan?

The Plan covers employees who work for employers who have signed either a collective bargaining agreement with I.U.O.E., Local 12, or a Participation Agreement approved by the Board of Trustees. The Plan cannot accept voluntary contributions or contributions on behalf of a self-employed individual (sole proprietor or partner).

Do Social Security benefits affect the pensions provided under this Plan?

No. The benefits under this Plan are in addition to benefits paid under Social Security.

May pension benefits be assigned?

No. With limited exceptions, assignment is prohibited by federal law. The Plan must comply with a lien from the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, the Plan is required by federal law to pay benefits in accordance with a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). You may also elect to have your premium for Retiree Health and Welfare Plan coverage automatically deducted from your monthly pension check.

Do I have to pay dues to get my pension?

No. Payment of Union dues is for Union membership and does not affect your entitlement to a pension under this Plan.

How much do I pay for my pension?

You do not pay for your pension benefits. Benefits are based solely on the employer contributions made to the Trust in accordance with the collective bargaining agreements with I.U.O.E., Local 12, or an approved Participation Agreement.

Can I withdraw pension contributions?

No. Withdrawals are not permitted. This Plan is not an IRA-type of plan where funds may be accumulated and withdrawn. Benefits are paid only in the manner provided by the Plan rules. Contributions for individual who are not eligible for benefits are retained by the Plan to fund benefits for eligible Participants and to administer the Plan.

Are Plan benefits taxable?

Generally, yes. You should contact the Internal Revenue Service or your tax advisor regarding your individual situation. The Fund Office cannot provide tax advice.

Income tax may be withheld from your pension check if you wish and, in some cases, the Plan is required to withhold federal and state income tax.

Can my check be directly deposited to my bank account?

Yes, but the Fund Office needs your written permission to do so. Call the Pension Department at the Fund Office to request a Direct Deposit form. This form is also available on the Plan’s website, www.oefi.org.