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Checklist: Things For You To Do

Let Us Know Where You Are

Be sure to keep the Fund Office and Local 12 advised of any change of address. The Fund Office will only accept written notice of a change of address, dated and signed by the Participant. The Fund Office will not accept a telephone call change of address and will not accept a written change of address that is not signed and dated by the Participant.

Designate a Beneficiary

Be sure to keep your beneficiary designation up to date. This will ensure that any money remaining in your account upon your death will go to the person you want to receive it.

Save Your Records

You should save your check stubs or earnings statements you receive from every employer until you are sure you have been credited for the hours worked. You should review the annual statement you receive from the Fund Office and compare your annual distribution check against your personal records. If your records disagree with the statement or the check amount, you should notify the Fund Office as soon as possible.

Cash Your Check

You should cash your Vacation Plan check as soon as you receive it. Checks that are not cashed after a period of time (at least 90 days) will be voided and will be reissued upon request.

Save This Booklet

Put it in a safe place. If you lose your copy, ask the Fund Office for another one.

Any Questions?

Contact the Fund Office with any questions you may have about this Plan.

Operating Engineers Vacation-Holiday Savings Trust
100 Corson Street, Suite 100
Pasadena, California 91103
(866) 400-5200
Website: www.oefi.org

Please make sure to keep your beneficiary form updated with the Fund office.