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Facts About Your Plan

Plan Name and Administration Type

The name of the Plan is the Operating Engineers Vacation-Holiday Savings Trust. It is a collectively bargained, jointly-trusteed, labor‐ management trust.

Type of Plan

This Plan is an employee welfare benefit plan maintained for the purpose of providing benefits through a savings plan for Participants in the Plan.

Plan Identification Numbers

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) issued by the Internal Revenue Service is 95-6067144. The Plan Number is 501.

Agent for Service of Legal Process

The name and address of the agent designated for the service of legal process is:

Michael B. De Chellis
Operating Engineers Funds, Inc.
100 Corson Street
Suite 100
Pasadena, California 91103

Legal process may also be served on a Plan Trustee.

Plan Administrator

The Board of Trustees is the Plan Administrator. This means that the Board of Trustees is responsible for seeing that information regarding the Plan is reported to government agencies and disclosed to Plan Participants and beneficiaries in accordance with The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of an equal number of employer and union representatives selected by the employers and union in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement and Declaration of Trust of the Operating Engineers Vacation-Holiday Savings Trust. If you wish to contact the Board of Trustees, you should use the following address and phone number:

Operating Engineers Vacation-Holiday Savings Trust
100 Corson Street
Suite 100
Pasadena, California 91103
(866) 400-5200

The Trustees have designated the following administrative
organization to perform the routine functions and day‐to-day
business of the Plan:

Operating Engineers Funds, Inc.
100 Corson  Street, Suite 100
Pasadena, California 91103
(866) 400-5200

Names, Titles, and Addresses of the Trustees

As of August, 2021, the Trustees of this Plan are:

Employer Trustees
Jim Ryan, AGC – San Diego Chapter, Inc.,
6212 Ferris Square San Diego, California 92121

Paul Von Berg, SCCA,
600 City Parkway West, Suite 165, Orange, CA 92868

Stanley Howard, Howard Contracting, Inc.,
12354 Carson St. Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716

Patrick Velasquez, NCA
150 N. Durango Dr., Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89145

Jaimie Angus, Griffith Company,
3050 E. Birch Street Brea, CA 92821

Charles Chapman, Railworks,
12740-B Lakeland Road Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Ray M. Baca, ECA,
2390 E. Orangewood Ave. Suite 585, Anaheim, CA 92867

Union Trustees – I.U.O.E., LOCAL 12, 150 Corson St.,
Pasadena CA 91103

David K. Sikorski, Business Manager
Dave Garbarino, President
Ken Hunt, Vice President
Shawn Kinsey, Recording-Corresponding Secretary
Perry Hawkins, Financial Secretary
Robert Ninteman, Treasurer
Joe Rangel, Jr., District Representative

Collective Bargaining Agreements

The Plan was established, and is maintained, through collective bargaining agreements between the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local Union No. 12, and various employer
associations. Contributions to this Plan are made on behalf of each Participant in accordance with these collective bargaining agreements.

The Fund Office will provide you, upon written request, a copy of any of the collective bargaining agreements. The collective bargaining agreements are also available for examination at
the Fund Office.

Source of Contributions

The benefits described in this booklet are provided through employer contributions to this Plan. The amount of employer contributions is determined by the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements which require contributions to this Plan at a fixed rate per hour worked. The Fund Office will provide you, upon written request, information as to whether a particular employer is
contributing to this Plan on behalf of Participants working under the collective bargaining agreement.

Trust Fund

The assets and reserves of the Plan are held in trust by the Board of Trustees.

Plan Amendment and Termination

The plan of benefits provided under the Trust is not permanent. The Board of Trustees reserves the right, in its sole discretion at any time and from time to time:

  • To change or amend the Plan.
  • To change or postpone the method of payment of any benefit.

The Trustees do not promise to continue the plan of benefits that is now in effect, in full or in part in the future, and any rights to future benefits are not vested. This means they can be taken away.

The Board of Trustees is authorized and has the power to:

  • Decide the meaning of any doubtful or ambiguous provision of the rules of the Plan.
  • Decide on a Participant’s entitlement to benefits under the rules of the Plan.
  • Sign agreements, write and carry out reasonable rules and regulations, and do all things necessary in the establishment, maintenance and administration of the Plan.

If the Plan is terminated, any and all money and assets remaining in the Trust, after payment of expenses, will be used to continue the benefits provided by the Plan until such money and assets have been used up.


Payments are made to the Plan by individual employers in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements. No outside organization is involved in providing Plan benefits. Benefits are held in trust and provided by the Plan itself.

Fiscal Plan Year

The fiscal records of the Plan are kept separately for each Fiscal Plan Year. The Fiscal Plan Year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.

The Plan’s Requirements with Respect to Eligibility for Participation and Benefits

These requirements are found in Article VII of the Trust Agreement of the Operating Engineers Vacation-Holiday Savings Trust.

Circumstances Resulting in Disqualification, Ineligibility or Denial or Loss of Benefits

These rules are found in Article VII of the Trust Agreement of the Operating Engineers Vacation-Holiday Savings Trust.

Review Procedure

If your claim for benefits is denied, in whole or in part, you will receive a written explanation giving detailed reasons for the denial, specific reference to the Plan provisions on which the denial is based, a description of any additional material or information necessary for you to perfect the claim, and an explanation of why such information or material is necessary, as well as an explanation of the Plan’s appeals procedure. Refer to Appeals Procedure for more information.

Revised 12/2022