If a pensioner returns to work, can he earn additional credit?

Yes. Disability Pensioners, Early Pensioners and Regular Pensioners can earn additional credit upon return to covered employment.

A Disability Pensioner who recovers from total and permanent disability and returns to covered employment will receive full credit for any additional credits earned for such employment. The Trustees encourage Disability Pensioners to do so.

Effective July 1, 1990, Early Pensioners and Regular Pensioners who return to covered employment receive one credit for each 1,000 hours reported at the Master Contribution Rate. However, unless you have reached age 65, you may NOT work at the trade and continue receiving pension benefits.

Penalties for repeated returns to work and re-retirement may apply in some cases. You should contact the Fund Office if you intend to return to work at the trade at any time before you reach age 65.

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