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Health and Welfare Benefit Summaries

  • Notify the Fund Office

    In the event of the death of a participant or dependent, the Fund Office should be notified. Staff at the Fund Office are ready to help as much as possible, and to make sure the survivors understand the benefits, obtain the necessary forms and know how to submit the required documentation.
  • Life Insurance Benefit

    Upon the death of an Active Employee, an $8,000 group life insurance benefit will be paid to the Employee’s beneficiary.The beneficiary may be any person or persons you name and may be changed at any time. The beneficiary must be designated, in writing, on the form provided by the Fund Office.

    If no beneficiary is designated or if the designated beneficiary dies before the Employee, the beneficiary will be the surviving person or persons in the order listed below:

    • Spouse
    • Children
    • Parents
    • Brothers and sisters
    • Executor or administrator

    If two or more persons are entitled to receive benefits they will share equally unless the Employee designates otherwise.

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit

    Loss of Amount paid to you
    • Both hands
    • Both feet
    • Sight of both eyes
    • One hand and one foot
    • One hand and sight of one eye
    • One foot and sight of one eye
    • One hand
    • One foot
    • Sight of one eye
  • Health Coverage for Spouse and Dependents

    If the deceased individual was an Active Employee and eligible at the time of death, coverage for the spouse and other dependents will continue until the Reserve Hours Account is exhausted, plus an additional two consecutive eligibility quarters or six months. The additional six months of coverage is provided at no charge. After the no-charge coverage is exhausted, a self-payment option for continued coverage may be available. Full details will be provided when a death occurs.