Summary of Eligibility Rules


A participant will be eligible for Retiree Health & Welfare benefits at retirement ONLY IF HE/SHE:

  1. Has had sufficient hours of contributions at the master rate made to the Fund on their behalf such that the hours, if credited to the Retired Employee under the provisions of the Pension Plan of the Operating Engineers Pension Trust would make them eligible to receive a Regular Pension, an Early Pension or a Disability Pension from the Trust; and
  2. has not had a Separation from Employment unless, after the Separation from Employment, he/she has worked at least 6,000 hours in covered employment for which contributions are paid to the Fund; and
  3. has had at least 3,000 hours of contributions made to the Fund on their behalf as an Active employee at the then existing master rate; and
  4. has refrained, at all times after retirement, from any employment for a non-contributory employer if that employer performs operating engineer work; and
  5. has been eligible for Active Health & Welfare benefits for at least two (2) of the eight (8) consecutive eligibility quarters immediately preceding his Pension effective date. However, if the participant has worked 30,000 or more hours in contributory employment, then he/she must have been eligible for at least three (3) of the twenty (20) consecutive quarters preceding his Pension effective date. (NOTE: The requirement for Pro-Rata or Reciprocal pensioners is different. Please contact the Fund Office for details.); and
  6. makes the required monthly payment for coverage in a timely manner; and
  7. is not engaged in any type of gainful employment and covered, or eligible to be covered, by group health insurance through that employment or continuation coverage under COBRA through that employment.

* A Separation from Employment in the Health & Welfare Fund means:

  1. The participant fails to work at least 500 hours in contributory employment during a period of three (3) consecutive Plan Years; or
  2. the participant is employed as an operating engineer for a non-signatory employer who is not paying contributions to the Fund
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