The Scoop – quarterly newsletter of the OE Funds

Welcome to “The Scoop

This is the quarterly newsletter from the Trust Fund Office covering topics on all three of the I.U.O.E. Local 12 Benefit Funds. This replaces the monthly Pension Newsletter that our pensioners received and the quarterly For Your Benefit for active members. Combining the two into one quarterly publication ensures that all of our members receive important information about each of the Funds in one place. The Scoop will cover issues that affect your benefits, tips on how to maximize the value of your O.E. benefits and topical issues on health and retirement. From time to time we will also include certain legally required notices.

We hope you find these new newsletters useful and informative. We welcome any suggestions you may have on topics to cover or how we can improve our communications to you. After all, these are your benefit funds!

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