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Return to Work After Retirement

When you retire as an Operating Engineer, you may work in other industries and continue to receive your Pension; however, your monthly benefits from the Plan will be suspended if you return to work in prohibited Operating Engineers employment, except for certain very limited exceptions. If you are considering returning to work, review carefully the information on this page and in the SPD in order to make sure you comply with the notification requirements and understand the financial ramifications of your actions.

Plan Checklist

  • If you work after retirement before your Normal Retirement Age, your pension will be suspended if you return to any work of the type covered by any Operating Engineer collective bargaining agreement no matter where you work or whether the work is actually covered by a collective bargaining agreement in the area where you are working. If you have multiple suspensions prior to your Normal Retirement Age, additional penalties may apply.
  • After your Normal Retirement Age, You may work 39 or fewer hours in a month, but not more than 40, in the “same industry, the same trade or craft and the same geographic area” covered by this Plan. Once you have reached your Required Beginning Date, your pension will not be suspended for any type or duration of work.
  • If you return to work in prohibited employment after retirement, you must notify the Trustees of your employment, in writing, within 30 days after you start work.
  • You must notify the Trustees in writing when you have stopped working in prohibited employment. Your pension will not be started again until you give this notice.

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